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QR CodeWhen you arrive on campus, you will get a Benedictine University BenCard which will allow you to access a prepaid dining account to purchase food in a variety of locations. You must bring your BenCard to every meal, entry will not be permitted without your BenCard. If you lose your BenCard you should report to Benedictine University Police immediately to purchase a new card.

The Resident Board Plans -
These plans provide you with a specific number of meals per semester for "all you want to eat" meals in the Krasa Dining Room. You can use them all yourself, or use some to bring guests in with you. If you mis-a-meal your card may be swiped for a meal in the Coal Ben (the mis-a-meal program has specific times). Additional value is provided with a specific amount of Munch Money each semester to use at the Coal Ben or Coffee Shop.

  • The Red Plan Block 160 + $150
    This plan allows for 160 "entries" into the Dining Room, usable at any meal. In addition, you will receive $150 in Munch Money.

  • The White Plan Block 140 + $200
    This plan is designed for students who have internships or work off campus. You get 140 "entries" in the Krasa Dining Hall, plus $200 in Munch Money.

  • $25 Munch Money
    All fulltime undergrad Benedictine students receive $25.00 in Munch Money on their ID Card each semester.

*Note: Munch Money will carry over from the fall semester to spring semester as long as you remain a resident.

Board meals are reset at the beginning of each semester.



Worried about always having cash? Points are available in any dollar amount and may be used in all food service locations. There is
$25 minimum when using a credit card.

Meal plans are purchased in the Food Service Office located on the second floor of the Krasa Center. Bring your Benedictine University ID card with cash, check or credit card to the food service office weekdays between the hours of 8am to 4pm.

  • The Eagle Plan
    Block 50 plus $100 ($400.00)

    This plan has been created for commuters and apartment dwellers who want to enjoy “All You Care to Eat Meals” in the Krasa Center Dining Room throughout the year and have the buying power of $100.00 in Munch Money for use in the Coal Ben and the Coffee Shop.
  • The Convenience Plan
    Block 25 plus $45 ($200.00)

    This plan is designed for apartment dwellers and commuters who want the security of having the ability to enjoy “All You Care to Eat Meals” in the Krasa Center Dining Room, during busy exam times, and with Residence Hall friends. The added value of $45.00 in Munch Money allows for snacks in the Coal Ben and Coffee Shop.
  • The Flex Plan
    Block 20 ($130.00)

    This plan is designed for anyone who wants to occasionally enjoy “All You Care to Eat Meals” in the Dining Room throughout the year.

*Note: Both meals and points on all the commuter flex plans carry over from semester to semester and year to year.



Special Requests
If you need a sick tray, have a special dietary requirement, or need a Grab 'n' Go meal, just let us know and we'll be happy to work with you to accomodate your situation.

Coal Ben Equivalence
Available meals may be used to receive a meal value of $6.00 during the posted times. Missed meals are limited to three per meal period per meal card. Additional items may be purchased with munch money. A valid Benedictine ID is needed for all transactions.

Krasa Dining Room Meal Prices



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